Welcome to St. Luke’s in the City…   we are an Episcopal Church witnessing  the love of Christ in our West Baltimore neighborhood.

Our Missional congregation meets for worship Sundays at 10:30 am

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, supportive community that will encourage and empower young people in our inner city neighborhood to grow spiritually, prosper academically, and live healthy, responsible, and productive lives.

St. Luke’s and the Trail of Souls

St. Luke’s was a pilgrimage stop on the Trials of Souls II Truth and Reconciliation Pilgrimage, November 4, 2017.  The Trail of Souls is a journey of exploration of the relationship of Episcopal churches in Maryland with the institution of chattel slavery, and its lingering legacy.  Learn about St. Luke’s history of participating in, and complicity with, chattel slavery here.  Go to www.trailofsouls.org to visit the Diocese of Maryland’s Trail of Souls virtual pilgrimage.

Please join us in our mission

The Reverend Dr. John M. Hayes, Priest/Missioner

The Reverend Jane Mayrer, Deacon/Missioner

Andre Liggins, Senior Warden

Joann Bertina Johnson, Junior Warden

Austin Jones, Treasurer


To contact the church via mail:

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 20956
Baltimore, MD 21223