St. Luke’s has partnerships with many other organizations to help further our mission to serve the young people of West Baltimore.  Some of those partners are:

Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School

Our work with Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School is detailed here.

Franklin Square Community Association

Members of St. Luke’s attend monthly association meetings; support community activities, such as community clean-up, provide space for community meetings.

Safe Alternative Foundation for Education, Inc.

One of our community partners is Safe Alternatives a non-profit founded by Van Brooks, a neighbor of St. Luke’s, whose purpose is to support education among our young people and help create alternatives for those who suffer life changing events. Van, although confined to a wheelchair following a football injury in high school, is a well recognized leader in the community. Van has recently opened a Safe Center for students at Franklin Square Elementary Middle School. St. Luke’s has supported Van in establishing an urban garden on Carrollton St. and his group helped to convert our parking lot into a basketball court.

Southwest Partnership

St. Luke’s hosted the initial organizational meeting, provided meeting space for committee meetings, participates in the Preservation and Promotion Committee.

Baltimore Education Association

St. Luke’s has joined as a member of the Baltimore Education Coalition. This involves attending the regular meetings of the BEC and supporting BEC actions and initiatives,