Camp Imagination Update: August 1, 2016–Day 1

Camp Imagination kicked off as envisioned:  An exciting week of reading, art, fellowship and fun!   This year the theme is “Change” and the focus is visual arts.  After an amazing amount of planning and preparation, camp began today with staff arriving at about 8 AM and over 30 campers arriving at 9 AM.

Below are some highlights.

Remember to mark your calendars for the the Grand Art Opening this Friday, August 5th in the Undercroft at 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.


Ms. Eva welcoming arriving campers


Fr. Van preparing to rid the yard of unwelcome mosquitoes with a home brew, “safe”  spray


List of norms for the week developed by the campers


Ms. Amanda reading to campers


Campers attending to the readings and discussions about Change and about art


Finger painting was among a host of Day 1 art projects


Camper developing his picture of a favorite thing: A bicycle


One of our volunteers angling for the best shot


Exhausted camper sleeping at the end of the day