Community Garden in Partnership with North Star Special Services, Inc. and Updates to July 1

Update:  June 25, 2016–July 1, 2016


Church youth join in planting their own box

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Update:  June 16, 2016–June 22, 2016

Completed tires

Completed tires ready to grow


Almost all the planing is completed in the boxes


Our North Star Coordinator showing off a not-quite-ripe peach


Ms. Bertina’s flowers get installed in the center front


Update:  June 7, 2016–June 14, 2014

Completed box with soil, ready for planting

4×4 beds get new compost/vermiculite/peat moss

4×4 beds are now official Square Foot Gardens. Sunflowers planted in the center box



Community Garden in Partnership with North Star Special Services, Inc.

Van Brooks of SAFE Alternative Foundation for Education (SAFE) approached St. Luke’s to see if we might offer volunteer or other opportunities to individuals with disabilities from North Star Special Services, Inc.  We readily accepted the offer and St. Luke’s is now partnering with volunteers and their helpful staff members.  Work began on May 31, 2016 with eight enthusiastic volunteers who will come twice each week to assist in beautification of the church grounds and adjacent gardens. The volunteers will routinely clean trash from the church yard.  Additionally, this summer we will plant flowers and vegetables in the tires and in the nine 4’x4′ garden plots in the vacant lot next to the church.  We’ll try to follow the model of Square Foot Gardening and see how it works.

Follow our progress on this page. Or join us, stop by, or Adopt-a-Plot.

May 31–June 2, 2016

Vacant lot south of the church

Initial cleanup of growth in the yards


Successful cleaning of brush and trash in yards

Tires awaiting planting

4×4 beds after weeding before soil replaced