Safe Saturday

On May 28, 2016, we gathered for the last Safe Saturday of the school year.  Parishioner Pam Negrin and Ms. Gough, third grade teacher and Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School, were awarded an Access for All grant from Young Audiences to do a residency together this spring. St. Luke’s contributed 20% of the award for the project from its Youth budget.  Ms. Gough was teaching a social studies unit called “My Baltimore.”  Pam and the third grade class designed and began stitching a map of the Franklin Square neighborhood as a part of that unit.

When Pam finished the embroidery residency at the school, the students wanted to keep going on the map.  St. Luke’s  invited the third grade stitchers to Safe Saturday so that they could keep working. We also invited the Franklin Square Elementary third grade families, Mrs. Gough, and, of course, the youth who usually attend St. Luke’s Safe Saturdays.  It was a wonderful day with everyone joining in the stitching.  Although very few of the third graders attended, there was no lack of enthusiasm from those participating.  We hope to work with Pam through to the map’s completion.

Diane Dwyer

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